The Unseen World Of The Holy Spirit

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We live in an incredible time, a time of tragedy and a time of spiritual upheaval. In these perilous times, many are finding a new thirst for God. The Unseen World of the Holy Spirit is an answer to that spiritual thirst.

In this book, you will find experiencing God described as a normal Christian experience rather than something just for the professional or the super spiritual. Joy in the presence of God is something that is actually available to all who are thirsty for the Lord.

The Unseen World of the Holy Spirit flows from an encounter with God. Maybe you have experienced some of the troubles that are prevalent in today’s society. You never know, maybe you have an appointment with God, maybe you will begin to experience this joy found in His presence. After all, in His presence is fullness of joy, and at His right hand, pleasures forevermore.

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