Heavenward Live Worship From Victory Fellowship

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Heavenward is Victory Fellowship Worship Band’s fifth album. For over 34 years, Victory Fellowship has been a deep well overflowing with spirit-filled worship and fostering many worship artists such as Ty Tyler, Jason Morant, and Paul Meany of MuteMath. In New Orleans, where music is the very substance of the city’s culture, the worship at Victory Fellowship is also central to the church’s identity, shaping the heart of the congregation and impacting the city with a new song year after year. The new album features Courtney Garris and up-and-coming worship artist Chandler Veasey. God is ever calling His people higher to a place of intimate fellowship with Him. In this album, the artists invite listeners to go higher into His presence. Join the Victory Fellowship Worship Band as they take you Heavenward.

Heavenward “also available on iTunes and Google Play"