Elevator Music

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This is a live recording of a worship service encorporating contemporary worship and spontaneous song.  Featuring artist Paul Meany and Victory Music, this album calls you to enjoy Him with us as He lifts us up with His joy.

King David said that the Lord lifted him out of a horrible pit. The vehicle that the Lord used was His new song.Elevator Music is the song of the Lord lifting His people out of the pit of this life into a place of pleasure found only in God's presence. Come with us as we enjoy Him together, as He lifts us up with His joy to that place where we are satisfied and God is glorified. - Pastor Frank Bailey

Track Info: 1. Joy (Shining Light) 6:31/ 2. My Glorious 6:34/ 3. King Of Glory 6:19/ 4. King Of Glory (interlude) 2:50/ 5. Fragrant Oil 4:20/ 6. Lily of the Valley 4:08/ 7. Awaken the Dawn 6:15/ 8. It Is You 5:04/ 9. Kiss the River 5:13/ 10. Love Song 5:55/ 11. Forty 2:54/ 12. Beautiful 1:45/ 13. Sweet Wind of Heaven 6:56/ 14. Make My Heart Your Home 8:35/ 15. Come To Me 6:19/

Elevator Music “also available on iTunes and Amazon Music”